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NJOnlineCasino.comWelcome to NjOnlineCasino.com – a resource developed to help players from the US to find legal ways to gamble in both environments, online and offline. As a matter of fact, New Jersey is the first state with legalized gambling in United States and we expect all states to follow their lead relatively soon. Will it happen? Well, we are not competent to discuss that, as only the government is.


The reason for development of this website is that people will be looking for the best US friendly casinos that are fully licensed within the state of New Jersey. Everyone knows the famous Atlantic City in their land based casinos, but when it comes to online gambling sites, not all people are that savvy. You might not even be aware of the possibilities provided by online casinos.

Speaking of land based casinos, we also have AC Casinos covered with the most in-depth reviews found online, with Wikipedia being literally the only competitor of ours. We have these casinos covered :

Atlantic City Land Based Casinos

Find dining possibilities, games offered as well as room rates and quality for each of these properties. We cover it all and actually rate and compare Atlantic City casinos against each other.

Game Guides

If you’re a newbie in gambling, you might find our guides through various casino games quite handy. While we have covered only the popular ones, this should be a great starting point in your gambling adventure. We currently have guides on these:

Gamble Responsibly

Gambling might be the most entertaining and adrenaline pumping type of a hobby. However it can also turn into an addiction, if you lose your track on life and view gambling as something it clearly is not – source of income.  If that’s the case, please visit GambleAware or any other professional institution right away!